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PHP articles to enhance your website and expand your mind!

These are just a few tutorials we have put together for the PHP Novice. We have tried to make them as easy to follow as possible with a thorough explanation of each step in the process. We hope to have more examples in the future. There are other excellent resources out there. W3Schools is one among many that can help you on your programming adventure! Have fun and enjoy!

Dynamic Date Dropdown Menu:

This article will explain how to Dynamically populate a dropdown menu of days dependent on the Month selected while taking leap year into consideration.

Content Hider Slider: Show/hide content.

Hide a wall of text with ease using an up-down slider with easing

Loops: How loops work with PHP

This article explores the different types of looping: while... , do...while , for... , for...each and how to break out of them


This tutorial examines the if , if...else , if...elseif...else , and switch statements