PHP Guestbook APP

PHP Guestbook: Customizable Guestbook for your website. GitHub

PHPGuestbook is our second most popular App!
The guestbook is easily customizable even for the novice. It uses CSS with a tabled layout for those just starting out with HTML and straight forward coding for the experienced programmer. It utilizes pagination for easy navigation. It shows the total number of entries and pages, and can be found at the top and bottom of the entries. The guest needs to perform a simple math equation to prevent spam.

The Manage Options tab in admin is where you set up the guestbook. You can add/delete the drop-down options for the Site Visited and How did you find us? fields. You can select which fields you wish to show and which not to show and can be changed at anytime. Admin can specify what order the entries are displayed and how many entries to display on each page as well as limiting the length of the comment field.

You can moderate the entries in the Manage entries tab. You have the option to delete unwanted spam and offensive entries. You also have the option the edit the entries to correct mistakes or offensive comments. If you notice an IP address that is a spammer you can ban that IP.

Moderate messages for both admins and guest on the settings page as well as changing the site information! Finally you can add Administrators, delete Administrators and change Administrators passwords as well as changing your own password.