PHP Polling APP

PHP Poll: Online Poll APP. GitHub

PHP Poll is also a popular App of ours!
It is a straight forward poll that is lightweight and easy to implement. With just one line of code you can display the poll on any PHP page within your website. It features the standard poll layout as well as the total number of votes. If admin allows it, a link to view the results is provided, otherwise, they can't see the results until they vote.

Create a Poll and control all aspects. Set when the results can be shown either all the time or only after they vote. You can allow voters to change their vote if they change their minds. Set how long the Poll lasts and whether or not you want it Aactive right away.

Edit a poll to add options or to correct spelling and grammar mistakes. Change the how long you want the poll to last if you wish to extend the Poll. Set it Active if it is inactive.

View a Poll to examine the results or to see how it looks on the site. You can add Administrators, delete Administrators and change Administrators passwords as well as changing your own password.