PHP Applications

PHP applications to enhance your website and engage your visitors!

Keep your customers up-to-date and informed about your products or services with PHP Newsletter . Engage your visitors get to know them with PHP Guestbook . Find out their likes and dislikes with PHP Poll . Everyone will be on track and on time with PHP Calendar , Share your music, videos, stories with PHP Media .

PHP Newsletter: Newsletter Management Application

It is a double opt-in newsletter management app. It was designed to be intuitive and easy to use. It's a great tool to add to any website!

PHP Guestbook: Online Guest Book for your Visitors

The guestbook is easily customizable even for the novice and comes with loads of features!

PHP Poll: Online Poll APP

It is a straight forward poll that is lightweight and easy to implement. With just one line of code you can display the poll on any PHP page within your website.

PHP Calendar:

PHP Calendar is an Events calendar with a few bells and whistles!

PHP Media: This app is so lightweight we couldn't give it a page of it's own!

A very simple APP that lets you display your audio and video files as links from the folder of your choice! This site uses PHP Media to offer our downloads! Download