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PHP Newsletter is our premier APP.

It is mobile friendly across all devices. It is very robust and gives you full control over your newsletters! Create multiple Templates. Add email addresses directly from the control panel. Add multiple Admins and assign rights to them. Edit user friendly end messages. You can upload images for use in the newsletter. SMTP Debug feature for checking problem email addresses. Add Attachments and send in either Plain text or HTML. As always it is double opt-in.
We are always improving PHP Newsletter so follow us on GitHub

PHP Calendar

PHP Calendar is an Events scheduler that is great for groups and teams! You can allow users to schedule events or you can restrict scheduling to Admin only! Admin can schedule events through the password protected control panel. Admin can view and edit Events, manage registrations, and more! Some improvements include accounting for leap year, management of registrants, and more.
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PHP Guestbook

Our first project was creating PHP Guestbook. It has all the same functionality as most APPs. You can Edit/Delete entries as well as ban IP's for spamming. You can add/delete the "Site Visited" and "How did you find us?" options. You can decide in what order you want to display the entries as well as how many you want to show per page and more...
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Our other projects

PHP Poll is easy to install and set up a poll on your PHP page with just a few lines of code!
PHP Media is a file sharing APP to offer up your music, art, videos, stories, and more!

We are constantly updating and upgrading our APPs so please bookmark the APPs page!

PHP Articles and Tutorials

PHP is easy to learn and implement. The code can be written in such a way as to allow Designers and Non-programmers to manipulate the HTML without breaking the code while other languages and frameworks are not quite so forgiving at times.

Anyone with an understanding of HTML can utilize PHP in some of it's basic forms to perform useful functions. These articles cover some of more common PHP scripts and routines that most web-masters can use.

Steve Frazier

"The best part is that PHP Junction comes with PHP APPS designed to work with just about every website and makes it super easy for non-techy users to use. The PHP Articles are well written and informative. Definitely worth a read"

Steve Frazier